*There seems to be an issue with the game running under specific circumstances. Please use another browser or download the standalone versions to remedy this. I'm looking for a solution, but it's unlikely I'll find one.

Hey, it's my resume in game form... sort of!

"Resume" is a short, pick your own adventure game with several endings. Can you find the secret one?

  • Tip: If you need to completely reset your save for whatever reason, go into the menu (x), press exit, and then select new game.
  • Tip 2: There are parts where if you pick a certain action, the game will "crash". This is in fact, not a crash, but intended. Simply refresh the page to reboot the game.
  • Tip 3: Certain animations and transitions don't play as smoothly due to issues associated with loading on a web browser. For the best experience, please download the standalone version. (PC and Linux only :c)

Please report any bugs in the comments!

If you actually feel like hiring me for whatever reason, please contact at my email below:


Story, Art, and Concept by Shawnee “Youko” Liu.

Script creators:
Archeia, Dr. Yami, Yanfly Engine Plugins, Fallen Angela Olivia, Galv, Quxios, Aries, SumRndmDde, Starbird Resources, Irina, Himeworks, Kuoushi, Kentou, RPG Maker Irina, Shag

M-Art, Ficusel, YouFulca(Wingless Seraph), MusMus 


Install instructions

Just download the corresponding file for your OS , extract to a location, and run the game.


ShawneeLiu_ResumeLinuxV1.2.zip 138 MB
ShawneeLiu_ResumePCV1.2.zip 96 MB

Development log

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